OSHA Cranes & Derricks Rule

November 2010 OSHA Cranes & Derricks Rule

An OSHA rule changes the precautions some people must take when working near overhead lines of 350 kV or less. This rule became effective in November 2010 and is expected to significantly reduce fatalities associated with the use of cranes and derricks in construction.

The new rule clearly separates the precautionary actions required by people working with cranes and derricks from those required by people working with other equipment.

Those working with cranes and derricks are now required to take additional steps and seek more information before beginning work.

View the Cranes & Derricks Flow Chart to help you implement OSHA’s rule on Cranes & Derricks in Construction.

Please see these pages for simplified guidance for at-risk workers regarding the new safety precautions, as well as excerpts from the new OSHA rule:

Please see these pages for basic safety practices, plus selected OSHA regulations for working near overhead and underground lines which remain unaffected by the new rule:

For more information visit the OSHA website at www.osha.gov


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